The Men’s Hair Book Review by a Professional Barber

Reviewing the most-popular book of all times on men’s hair

I’ve been getting some emails asking me to review the book “The Men’s Hair Book”, so I’d thought that, instead of posting my thoughts for only a few to see, it’d be best to post my thoughts on this book publicly. After all, this website is all about getting the best slicked back hairstyles and classic hairstyles possible, and “The Men’s Hair Book” directly touches upon this topic (and a lot more, by the way).

About Rogelio Samson

If you’ve ever been interested in knowing more about men’s hair, then you’d have to be living under a rock to never have heard of Rogelio Samson. Just in case and so as to build upon this book review: Rogelio Samson is a worldwide-recognized expert on men’s hair and he’s the online authority on anything to do with hair for men. I’m a barber and I constantly have customers talk about him, his advice and his two books at our barbershop, including his other book, “The Curly Hair Book”; I personally think that Samson’s contribution to the men’s hair field has been unprecedented and huge, benefiting both customers and male-hair professionals alike.

Initially, Rogelio Samson started a site called “Manly Curls” which was aimed as a blog for his fitness routines as well as his hair-care routines. This quickly developed into many publications of his covering all about men’s hair. Moreover and with Rogelio Samson being a long-haired male with curly hair, he started his online adventures by covering the much-needed niche of curly men’s hair. In the rare case that you may not know who Rogelio Samson is, here’s a video of his in which he shows how his curly hair dries over the span of four hours as a public experiment that he did with the purpose of bringing attention to the many issues of men’s curly hair.

All in all, Rogelio Samson has made a positive impact in the lives of thousands and thousands of men via his words, and “The Men’s Hair Book” is yet one of his many ways to reach said males to let them know of the “right way” to having one’s hair as desired.

The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide to Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney

“The Men’s Hair Book” (as the book’s title is usually abbreviated as) is a 240-plus-pages book that details Samson’s system to having the best hair possible for oneself as a male, or, as he calls it in the book, having an “awesome mane”.

This overall system to better one’s hair is smartly divided into four main areas making up the core of the system: hair profiling, hair grooming, hair care and hair styling. The book essentially goes through each of these four areas in full detail while linking them so as to have the reader understand both the holistic and specific essences to rocking an awesome mane.

An image of the book titled The Mens Hair Book and for which this review is all about

Aside from fully detailing and explaining the aforementioned awesome-mane system, the book includes on-point case studies in all chapters, a whole chapter dedicated to hair myths (of which there are many) and a whole chapter dedicated to frequently-asked questions. Additionally, one will find in the book plenty of diagrams, images, tables and reference material to make the most of the book.

The book can be purchased online from Amazon and it can be bought offline from the biggest bookstores in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. The price for the book is insignificant when contrasted with the plethora of knowledge that the reader will acquire from the book, and the value of this book is incredible as it is. In other words, the book is a must-have for all males interested in making the most of their hair whether they be hipsters, metrosexuals, old-school tobacco-chewing lads, dapper dudes, vintage folks, long-haired fellas, curly-haired males or any other particular group of males and/or individuals with peculiar needs for their (male) hair.

Positives of the book

As mentioned earlier, the book is very-much worth its weight in gold. However, instead of leaving a blank statement just like that, let’s go through the main pros of “The Men’s Hair Book”.

  • The book has everything and anything that you could think of regarding men’s hair. Despite my many years in the barber profession, I found myself learning new things that I could, in fact, apply to my skills’ set as a barber. The pages are peppered with knowledge gems through and through, and, most importantly, the knowledge acquired from the book can be easily and conveniently applied by any regular Joe to improve his hair. You don’t need to be an expert to understand this book nor to make use of your acquired wisdom from the book.
  • The book is extremely useful for regular folks seeking to improve their hair as well as for professionals in the industry seeking to better understand men’s hair. Such a proposition (i.e. a resource suited for consumers and professionals) was unheard of in our industry till “The Men’s Hair Book” appeared on the scene.
  • The book is brilliantly written and organized; the reading transition from start to end is so crisp that you do not notice how fast you’ve read and gone through the 240-plus pages of the book. Every chapter flows smoothly onto the next one and you do feel how all the pieces of the male-hair puzzle fall in place as you continue reading.
  • Each method, routine, tactic and lesson in the book is immaculately clear. There’s no fluff or sugar-coating in the book. As a matter of fact, Rogelio Samson is well known for his BS-approach to men’s hair. He’s very straight-forward with his way of making you learn, yet at the same time he’s also so detailed and calculating with his words. At no time are you left with vague definitions or unclear concepts.
  • Each chapter depicts a case study showcasing and illustrating the topic of the chapter in itself. By ending each chapter with a case study, you’re assured to understand all the tidbits of the chapter. I can relate to this as I learned best by studying case studies when I was going through barber school. What’s most impressive of this book is that anyone (and I really mean this) can learn and understand each chapter regardless of one’s background.
  • The hair-bettering system pioneered by Rogelio is just mind-blowing. Want to know each and every trivia about your hair? You’ve got that covered. Interested in rocking a certain type of hairstyle for your hair type and hair profile? Yup, that’s in there too. Need to know more about all the hair products for men that are available to you? Then you can bet your lunch that you have that covered in the book as well. Want to know how to keep your locks looking great and healthy for the rest of your life without requiring extensive efforts and time on your part? Well, that too is covered and detailed in the book. Simply put, you’re given everything in the book to start right now your path to an impressive mane.
  • Rogelio devised all of this with convenience in mind. What this means is that everything in the book is approached from a convenience-based angle. Not once will you find yourself going through any type of inconvenience as you implement the book’s system. Rogelio wanted to create a hair-bettering system that could be used by any male with any kind of lifestyle. This is perfectly illustrated when you’re implementing your own customized hair-grooming routine and realize that you only need six minutes in the bathroom (including showering time and styling time) to leave your house with a dapper head of tresses.
  • The information in the book does not expire. Everything that you learn from the book will be as useful today as it will be in forty years. That itself is enough reason to buy the book and go as far as to look at this book as an investment for your self’s well-being.
  • “The Men’s Hair Book” is, without a single shred of a doubt, the Encyclopedia Britannica of men’s hair. The book can be referenced at any time to solve any hair-related questions or problems that you may come across through the course of your many years. Unless you go completely bald, “The Men’s Hair Book” will be your single most-useful tool and product to have great hair.

Negatives of the book

In all honesty, you’d be hard pressed to find anything negative from the book since it’s just so epically-epic. Tfying to come up with drawbacks of the book, these are the only three that I can think of and which don’t necessarily mean that the book is less than perfect for the audience it targets (i.e. folks who want to have great hair):

  • The book is long, and I truly mean that. The book is so detailed that each chapter can easily span thirty pages or more. The drawback to this? Well, those of you looking for that magic shortcut to get better hair are not going to appreciate the book too much. Why? Because there is no shortcut to having great hair (and that also includes all hair products) and because, in order to have great hair, you’re going to have to educate yourself on the same topics covered in the book with so much detail. If you cannot be bothered to sit down and actually read thirty pages to learn about optimally grooming your hair daily, then this book isn’t going to be of much use. Then again, nothing else will be either.
  • There’s no hand-holding in the book. You’re given everything with the utmost precision so that you can start working on your hair now and continue to reap the hair-aesthetic benefits of your efforts for the dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of years to come by. As with the previous drawback, this can be somewhat perceived as a drawback for those who are not willing to work for their self-improvement and for those who don’t hold themselves accountable for their success in life. Again, you’re given everything concisely and clearly; all that is left for you to do is to kick yourself into starting to implement your newly-gained massive knowledge on men’s hair.
  • The book is only in English. Considering that about twenty per cent of those of you who have asked me to review this book are not native English speakers, this book would potentially help even more men who cannot speak/read English if the book was translated to a couple of the most popular languages in the world like Spanish or French. At least, I do know that here in the United States, the book being also published in Spanish would reach even more people. Rogelio Samson is fluent in the Spanish language, so I don’t know if he already has any plans to translate the book to (at least) Spanish.

My consensus

“The Men’s Hair Book” was something that was long due in our industry. There simply hasn’t been a solid reference for men to use in our flourishing male-hair industry, and this industry has been booming since the early nineties. Sure, each state (here in the United States) has a small number of barbers and hairdressers who know a good amount on men’s hair (as I assume that it too occurs in other countries), but we’ve been longing for someone to bring the information and resources to the average consumer (i.e. the average guy) so that he (the average guy) can make the most of his hair without feeling like he’s wasting his time, money or testosterone.

In the eyes of a professional barber (as my eyes are), I see this book as a fantastic resource that will further educate any respectable barber and serve as an encyclopedic reference for us and our customers, but, in the eyes of the average guy, I see this book as the one-and-only most-important breakthrough in the last ten years for all on men’s hair. The book is really that good.

Please post any related questions in the comments below instead of sending them to me privately so that my answers can be of use to others.

Book’s Rating: 5 out of 5

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