The Men’s Hair Book Review by a Professional Barber

Reviewing the most-popular book of all times on men’s hair

I’ve been getting some emails asking me to review the book “The Men’s Hair Book”, so I’d thought that, instead of posting my thoughts for only a few to see, it’d be best to post my thoughts on this book publicly. After all, this website is all about getting the best slicked back hairstyles and classic hairstyles possible, and “The Men’s Hair Book” directly touches upon this topic (and a lot more, by the way).

About Rogelio Samson

If you’ve ever been interested in knowing more about men’s hair, then you’d have to be living under a rock to never have heard of Rogelio Samson. Just in case and so as to build upon this book review: Rogelio Samson is a worldwide-recognized expert on men’s hair and he’s the online authority on anything to do with hair for men. I’m a barber and I constantly have customers talk about him, his advice and his two books at our barbershop, including his other book, “The Curly Hair Book”; I personally think that Samson’s contribution to the men’s hair field has been unprecedented and huge, benefiting both customers and male-hair professionals alike.

Initially, Rogelio Samson started a site called “Manly Curls” which was aimed as a blog for his fitness routines as well as his hair-care routines. This quickly developed into many publications of his covering all about men’s hair. Moreover and with Rogelio Samson being a long-haired male with curly hair, he started his online adventures by covering the much-needed niche of curly men’s hair. In the rare case that you may not know who Rogelio Samson is, here’s a video of his in which he shows how his curly hair dries over the span of four hours as a public experiment that he did with the purpose of bringing attention to the many issues of men’s curly hair.

All in all, Rogelio Samson has made a positive impact in the lives of thousands and thousands of men via his words, and “The Men’s Hair Book” is yet one of his many ways to reach said males to let them know of the “right way” to having one’s hair as desired. Continue reading →