Long Wavy Hair into Executive Contour Haircut

Going from long wavy hair to a dapper executive haircut!

This isn’t something new on my site: I plainly dislike long hair. If you want a classic gentleman’s look, then look no further and cut your hair while keeping it slicked. Even if you have long wavy hair you still have lots of medium men’s haircuts for your lengthy curly tresses, and today’s example is no exception.

What is long hair and medium length hair?

If you aren’t aware still of what’s long hair and what’s medium-length hair, then allow me to quickly tell you the hair-length scale that I use and that has been of use to many average folks after it was published on The Men’s Hair Book:

  • Near-shaved hair: buzzed length up to 1/4 of an inch.
  • Short hair: 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches.
  • Medium-length hair: 2 inches to 6 inches.
  • Long hair: 6 inches and longer.

The great thing about medium-length hair is that it’s the perfect length for slicking back your hair, be it as a conventional slicked back style or as a slicked back undercut; a medium length for men’s hair is just too good if you’re looking to slick your locks. Even if you go for the higher-end of the medium-length range (i.e. close to 6 inches of hair), you can still get a dapper slicked back hairstyle as the picture below depicts.

A barbershop photograph of a hipster with a slicked back undercut hairstyle for his medium-length wavy hair

Long hair, on the other hand, is a mess to slick back. Mainly, the issue with long hair is that, the longer the hair is, the heavier it will be. And heavy hair flops around on the scalp unless you overdose on hair spray and hair gel, which is something that I do not recommend as a barber. Thus you’re left with a medium length from 2 to 6 inches of hair length if you want to look like a proper classic gentleman.

Long wavy hair styled with an executive contour haircut

When we get long-haired guys in our barbershop asking for a new haircut, one of the first haircuts that we recommend is the executive contour haircut (also known as a mid-contour haircut). With an executive contour, you’re basically cleaning up the hair on the sides and back of the head while emphasizing the hair on the top with volume and character; all while styling the hair as a side part).

Wavy hair has plenty of natural volume, which greatly benefits an executive contour haircut. If you take a good look at my hair products guide, you will learn that a hair dryer is pretty much an indispensable hair product for guys with thin hair or straight hair. Wavy-haired guys, on the other hand, can do really well with no hair dryers when the time comes to side part their hair with volume.

Lo and behold, ladies and gentleman, here’s what a dapper executive contour haircut with side-parted hair looks like after cutting long wavy hair.

A barbershop photograph of a male with long wavy hair who got an executive contour haircut

As I usually do with the hairstyle examples on my site, here are the haircut lengths for the executive haircut in the picture above:

  • Sides and back: the hair was scissor-trimmed to a final length of 1/2 of an inch all the way down the sides and back of the head except for a 1-inch layer across the hairline of the ears and back of the head. Said hairline layer was buzzed with a number 2.
  • Top: the hair on the top was trimmed at 4 inches on the front (i.e. the forelock) while the rest of the hair on the top was tapered from 4 inches to 3 inches. The 4 inches of hair length on the top naturally emphasize a pseudo pompadour hairstyle when the hair is slicked to the side.

If you have any haircut or hairstyling questions, then let me know below.

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