From Long Hair to Dapper Slicked Back Hairstyle

Cut your long hair and get a gentleman’s slicked back style

With the current hairstyle trend of long hair, I’m seeing guys who are just growing their manes long just for the sake of looking like the next guy. This, in my opinion, goes against the core of being a man, as a man is supposed to seek his own path in life and stand up from the sheep-thinking behavior that plagues society nowadays. Hairstyle trends are the same, and, while I may joke about bleached slicked back hair here in this site, I always advise my hair salon customers to strive for a look that suits them and with which they feel most comfortable in.

I also advise my hair salon customers to avoid clown hairstyles like this one:

A photograph of a young male with an ugly pompadour hairstyle with an undercut haircut

Back to the basics with the undercut for a dapper look

Just as I may joke around with some of the newer silly men’s hairstyles that seem to crop up every couple of months, I will also admit that I am biased towards the classic hairstyles for men. After all, I’m a barber, and even though I own a unisex hair salon and we get plenty of modern hairstyle requests from our customers, I always advice our male customers to, when in doubt, always err on the side of caution and go for a classic look instead of risking their manes. In fact, wearing a classic hairstyle has been shown time and time again to be a winner with good-looking classy women.

A white and black picture of Cary Grand with dapper side swept hair next to a beautiful woman

Long hair can look great on a guy, don’t get me wrong. But it will only look great when it is based on a great haircut. And that’s where the all-mighty undercut with slicked back hair comes into the scene.

You see, one of the most common haircut complaints that I get (and that most barbers get) is from men who have issues with the hair on the sides and back of the head. Truthfully, the hair in these areas of the head has a tendency to be thicker, coarser and way more unruly than the hair on the top. Thus, a great way to remove all these hair problems is to clean up and sharpen up the hair on the sides and back of the head with an undercut.

The undercut is a great haircut that is useful for men with all face shapes and hair types. The undercut removes all the hair and volume on the sides and back of the head and hence enhances the hair on the top of the head. It’s a pretty cool hairstyle trick that we barbers learn early into our career as hairstyling and hair-cutting for men is all about creating illusions and visual emphasis. So, get a short undercut on the sides and back and maintain a good hair length on the top. And so we did.

Before and After picture of long hair cut into a slicked back undercut

This barbershop customer came in complaining of the very same issues that I’ve described above of the hair on his sides and back (of the head) being too unruly, despite the long length that he was already sporting. He still wanted to have long hair (i.e. at least six inches of hair length) to be able to slick back or wear as a side swept hairstyle or side part hairstyle, so he wasn’t just ready to give up his long mane.

The solution? The timeless and always dapper slicked back undercut hairstyle. His hair was buzzed to a number 4 on the back and sides of the head with an Oster 76 hair clipper while the hair on the top was barely trimmed down to a length of eight inches, so the hair on his forelock would reach below his nose. The before and after pictures don’t do him justice as the change in image and look was tremendous and the slicked back undercut favored him so much better than his previous long hair.

A set of before and after pictures of a barbershop male customer with a dapper slicked back undercut hairstyle after getting a haircut for his long hair

As usual, a water-based pomade was used to slick back the hair (Layrite pomade) as water-based pomades work better to slick back hair with some loose hold instead of greasing the hair back with an oil based pomade; the latter type of pomade has lots of hairstyling benefits, but it doesn’t work too well for a modern slicked back undercut as the one for this customer.

As per our tradition here at, you’re welcome to ask questions as comments below if you have any questions about the slicked back undercut or about the tidbits of this customer’s particular haircut.

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