How to Customize Your Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Get Your Custom Slick Back Undercut

Slicking your hair is just a method, the end result can be as creative as you want it to look. Sure, we have the two main methods of hair slicking: classic slick and modern slick; but you can add your own customization to your own slicked back hair style.

An example of a custom slicked back undercut

See the picture below of a recent slicked back undercut. The hair on the sides and back is clipped to a tight number 3 (common hair clipper number for the undercut) with a little fading at the hairline, but there hair is mostly clipped evenly and thus it falls under what we barbers call an undercut haircut.

Now, look at the hair on the top. The hair is at the longer-range of the medium length category (remember, medium length is 2 to 6 inches while longer hair is 6 plus inches). You can see how the forelock (i.e. hair on the front) has been slicked back with volume, while the hair on the rest of the head as it is directed back towards the scalp is slicked flat. Ergo, we have in this hairstyle picture a blend of the two types of back slicking: the classic and the modern slick styles.

A cool slicked back undercut hairstyle

To get the hair on the forelock with volume, use a water based pomade and a hair dryer. This is where most guys go wrong as they assume that hair dryers are only for women! You achieve hair length in the slicked back hairstyle or slicked back undercut with a hair dryer; just point the hair dryer towards the forelock (so that warm air is being shot at the forelock) as you slick your hair back, first with the fingers and then with a comb. Make sure you don’t dry your hair fully, as otherwise you will kill any shine that the pomade gives you.

As for the hair on the rest of the top of the head, simply use your comb to sweep the hair back as per the classic slicked back style. A good water pomade to use for high sheen and shine in a slick back is this Layrite pomade. In fact, the pomade used for the haircut and hairstyle of this gent was indeed a Layrite water pomade. Jimmy Darmody’s undercut was also styled with such a high sheen pomade.

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