Cool Slicked Side Combover for Men

The side combover as a classic mens hairstyle

The combover hairstyle (aka comb-over) has gotten a bad reputation over the years as it has been the preferred hairstyle of balding men. As an example, Donald Trump is best known for his combover hairstyle, which he keeps insisting he wears it because he likes it and not because he’s balding. In any case, when we hear of the combover, we tend to associate the hairstyle with rat’s nests and greasy hair.

Luckily for you, here at we want to bring you the best slicked mens hairstyles. One of these slicked hairstyles is indeed the side combover, and this hairstyle can certainly looked great when slicked and when used for what the hairstyle is meant for (and not to hide a balding head).

The side combover is unlike the classic mens side part: with the combover, you pretty much comb all the hair on the top of the head without parting it at either of the temples (this is the main difference with the side part or side swept hairstyle). You can use either a hairstyling cream or pomade for the side combover, and the hair does very well with flat volume as well as with medium volume, which is something not all mens hairstyles can offer.

In an effort to regain the once-good reputation of the side combover as a classic mens hairstyle, here’s a barbershop picture taken of a client with a neatly-styled combover (apologies for the grainy quality of the picture; we can’t always take perfect barbershop pictures!).

A side combover hairstyle picture of a male with hair coated with the Layrite water pomade

As you can see above, the hair is combed all across the top of the head. The volume is medium, which is achieved by pointing a hair dryer to the hair as you comb it. The pomade used is Layrite’s water-based pomade for high sheen. The combing was done with a regular men’s comb and there was no finger styling. The haircut is a fast taper with shears and a hair clipper. In fact, the side taper used is very similar to the Ivy League haircut, which is another classic hairstyle.

Stay tuned to our website as we keep updating it with slicked hair pictures to give you some classic hairstyle inspiration!

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