Classic Slicked Back Hair Style Top Illustration

Visualizing a Classic Slicked Back Hair Style

I wanted to show you in this post how the slicked back hair style looks from the top. It’s very important to get the slick back direction right as otherwise you will end up with something similar to a side swept hairstyle.

Now, there’s some room for slicking the hair at a small angle. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this and some men prefer to leave a small angle. However, don’t style with a big-enough angle that your hairstyle looks to be parted (i.e. side swept) than slicked back. Continue reading →

Slicked Back Hairstyles in Wall Street

The classic slick back hair of Gordon Gekko

The slicked back hairstyle is one classic hairstyle for men. One movie that I remember best for making use of the slicked back hair style is Wall Street, where Michael Douglas’ hair was in a slick back as he played Gordon Gekko, a bad boy financial trader. Continue reading →