5 Slicked Side Part Hairstyle Ideas for Men

5 hairstyle ideas for your slicked side part hair!

Together with the slicked back hairstyle, the slicked side part is an excellent hairstyle for men wanting to blend a modern look with a classic look. While back in the 1930s the hairstyles were very flat and swept with plenty of oil pomade, nowadays we do have water-based pomades that allow for the parting of the hair in a slicked-yet-natural manner. However, the classic high-shine slicked side part is still popular these days, and you can always alternate your side part between a high-shine slicked side swept and a more natural side part.

So, with the above said, I’d like to give you 5 ideas for slicked side part hairstyles illustrated with barbershop pictures. Let’s begin!

The quiff side part hairstyle

The quiff side part was a hairstyle that was popular with the greasers back in the 1950s and 1960s. The quiff side part hair style could be seen as the “cousin” of the mythical pompadour hairstyle, and it’s why the quiff side part was so popular with greasers.

To get a quiff side part style, you part your hair while leaving the forelock (i.e. front) styled up and angled!

A barbershop picture of a side part hairstyle with a quiff and a fade haircut

The side swept hairstyle

The side swept was “the” hairstyle of the early 20th century, with men from all walks of life sporting their hair in such a style. To style your hair in a side swept, all you have to do is impregnate your hair in pomade (with at last a medium shine) and then part your hair and comb it as flat as possible. If you have a cowlick (see the picture below), then simply follow the direction of the cowlick for your side swept hairstyle.

A popular example of a male wearing a side swept is that of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “The Great Gatsby”. Prior to that, Robert Redford had also worn a side swept in “The Great Gatsby” from 1974.

A barbershop picture of a great side swept hairstyle with a cowlick and slicked with a high shine pomade

The curly side part hairstyle

When it comes to classic hairstyles like the slicked back style or the side part style, curly men tend to have problems getting the hairstyle right. However, the common mistake made by curly men is to use a fine-tooth comb instead of a wide-tooth comb to style their curls.

So long as you use a wide-tooth comb to part your hair in a side parted hairstyle, you’ll be absolutely fine. Have a look at our guide on the side swept hairstyle for curly hair so that you learn how to slick your curls in a side part style.

One more thing, make sure that you use a strong-hold pomade for your curly hair as that’s the only type of holding strength that will work for curly hair when slicking it to the side or to the back!

A barbershop picture of a curly hair man with a slicked side part style

The businessmen hairstyle

The businessmen hairstyle is a side part that has some volume, hence it is mildly slicked. The businessmen haircut is a taper haircut, and the hair should flow gracefully from the top to the bottom of the sides and back of the head.

A barbershop picture of a businessmen haircut with a side part hairstyle for an Asian male

The side part fade haircut

While talking about taper haircuts for the side part, another great haircut idea for your side part is a fade haircut. With a fade haircut, your hair will be tapered rapidly so that it “disappears” in the skin.

Fade haircuts have been used for very-modern hairstyles and informal hairstyles for the last thirty years, but you can still get a nice fade haircut to go with a classic and slicked side part. Just for yourself in the picture below!

A barbershop picture of a black male with a slicked side swept hairstyle done in a fade haircut

Conclusion to our 5 slicked side part hair styles

Believe me when I say that the slicked side part hairstyle has plenty of hairstyling options to go with. Sure, it may not be as much fun as a slicked back undercut hairstyle, but the side part will always look good on you no matter what your hair type may be or what the circumstances may be; this is what makes the slicked side part such a useful hairstyle for men.

When in doubt, grab some pomade and slick a side part!

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